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Series Overview

Build Your House

You’ve seen the scene. Following a storm, people return home to see what still stands. Together we have all just lived through a long season. While we firmly believe the Holy Spirit is moving to continue building His Church, this is a season of recovery, of rebuilding. It is also a season of opportunity, dreaming not only what was but what God may desire to do. 
Our world has changed. The church needs building blocks to see God’s House flourish in a post-Christian world. As we look back over the past stormy season, Jesus the Chief Cornerstone remains perfectly in place. Yet we the storm has revealed, needs to be healed. Things are not the same, but Jesus never changes. Why settle for back to normal, when the Spirit can gather us for something new? 
Lifecentre, together as one church, let us pray, Lord, BUILD YOUR HOUSE.
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Part One


Date: September/October 2021

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Part Two


Date: October/ November 2021

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Part Three


Date: February/ March 2022

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Part Four


Date: March/ April 2022

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Part Five


Date: May/ June 2022

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Part Six


Date: June 2022

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