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Series Overview

Listen, Love, Lead

There are moments in life where the Spirit moves us from where our plans have taken us to where God’s purpose needs us positioned. What is rare is when this occurs simultaneously on an individual and societal level. Together we’re living through a season marked by concurrent crisis. One follows another. As a result, some desire to get back to normal. Others wish to build back better. As followers of Jesus, we need clarity on where God is inviting us to trust Him deeper.

None of us arrives at clarity alone, so together let’s anchor in listening, loving, and then leading out where the Holy Spirit is inviting us to follow.

Part One

Resilient Disciples

Date: September/October 2022

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Part Two

Trust Scripture

Date: October/November 2022

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Part Three

Love Jesus

Date: February 2023

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Part Four

Meaningful Relationships

Date: March 2023

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Part Five

Engage Purpose

Date: April/May 2023

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Part Six

Counter Cultural Mission

Date: June 2023

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